swissbeauty23 (swissbeauty23) wrote in qaf_fiction,

Taking Me Back

Title: Taking Me Back
Author: swissbeauty23
Rating: R
Time Frame: Post-5x13, not long after
Summary: After spending months trying to make it in New York, Justin admits to Brian the truth, and they end up camped out in a hotel room, unsure of where to go next...

“My body is killing me. Standing all day in that fucking cramped little studio is like torture.”

He leans back into my chest and I reach out and slowly massage away the knots in his neck and shoulders as he moans in a mixture of pleasure and pain, not unlike our love-making, and I tease him about it and he tells me to just shut up and massage. I kiss his nose, his adorable little button nose, one of my favorite parts of him.

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