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The Evil Kinney Girls Club Monthly Challenge...

Brian Kinney, the master of reimaging and rebranding, has entrusted The Evil Kinney Girls Club (version 2.0) to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the final season of QAF. Everyone is an Evil Kinney Girl in this scenario, so we hope you'll join in on the party and the monthly prompts! Fic and all sorts of graphic work are welcome!

No sign-ups required, just post when you can (beta-read work encouraged) and please use the tag ekg2015 so works can be tracked and masterlists can be made.

I know it’s already well into the month of January, but I hope you’ll join us in celebrating our love of Queer as Folk… I look forward to seeing all your post, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me… Hugs Kids ~ Kathleen

January – Baby It's Cold Outside…

February – You So Love Me…

Please feel free to snag the banner or the icon if you like, and of course I’d love to see some graphics posted, or if you have any suggestions for our logo…

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